Meet the Phyn Plus

Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff

A single connected device that is installed on your home’s main water line that can find a leak anywhere in your plumbing system and shut off the water automatically. Phyn Plus monitors your water use to help you conserve and save.

Protect your home, conserve water and save money with Phyn Plus

Prevent Leak Damage

Auto Shutoff can turn off your water in event of a catastrophic leak, even when you’re not there.

Get Leak Alerts

Receive detailed mobile notifications as soon as any leak is detected.

Conserve Water

Monitor how much water your family uses every month, week, day or hour.

Maintain Your Plumbing

Daily Plumbing Checks catch tiny leaks and pressure irregularities before they become big issues.

Uponor Pro Squad

Plumb Inc. is apart of the Uponor Pro Squad !

The Uponor Pro Squad is an elite group of authorized water specialists that are trained to install and operate Phyn Plus.  Installation by an Uponor Pro Squad member includes an extended warranty, unparalleled service and the Home Protection Guarantee* that will cover your insurance deductible.

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Device Features

Phyn Plus measures tiny changes in water pressure – 240 times a second – to alert homeowners the moment a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic shutoff, and diagnose potential problems in plumbing systems before they become an issue. This single device, installed by a plumbing specialist, enables homeowners to manage their water throughout the entire home, even when they’re away.

Phyn uses patented, high-definition pressure wave sensing to catch plumbing issues ranging from faucet drops to pinhole leaks to frozen pipe bursts.

Phyn learns about your plumbing system as soon as it’s connected, and gets to know the unique signatures of each fixture better over time to recognize the subtle differences between a bath filling and pipe leaking.

Phyn Plus can turn off water automatically in the event of a catastrophic leak, protecting homeowners from costly damage.

Phyn Plus is installed by a member of the Uponor Pro Squad, a nationwide network of expertly-trained plumbers and water specialists.

Real-time mobile notifications alert homeowners to potential leaks, and give them the power to turn off their water remotely using the Phyn app.

Phyn’s technology has been honed in the labs of the University of Washington and Belkin, the hands of plumbers, and the homes of beta testers.

Daily Diagnostic “Plumbing Checks” notify homeowners of unsafe pressure levels and potential leaks before they become larger issues.

One device monitors the entire home’s water from a single location on the main water line.